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Offset Printing is a very nice process leaving the ink flush with the wall of the jar. However, since all offset inks are transparent, the colors only appear opaque on white or light colored substrates. If you need opaque ink on clear or dark colors, then you would want to use silk screening. What is Silk Screening? In Silk Screening an image is transferred to the printed surface by ink, which is pressed through a stenciled screen. This stencil is created by coating the "screen" with a light sensitive emulsion and then "contact printing" a film positive on the screen. The "development" of the screen causes the emulsion to be washed away in the areas that were exposed to light, leaving a porous area for the ink to flow though. What is Flame Treating & When Would I Need It? Flame treating is the process of passing the jar surface to be printed in front of a very intense flame, under precisely controlled conditions in order to prepare the surface for printing. If you plan on printing on the jar we would recommend having the jars flame treated in house. But remember this is a temporary process and should be used asap.

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